Sucker Punch’s Unannounced PS4 Game to Have “Unique Clothing Lines” for “Compelling” Characters

Sucker Punch’s Unannounced PS4 Game to Have “Unique Clothing Lines” for “Compelling” Characters

We know that Sucker Punch is working on  a new open world PS4 game, even if we don’t know if it’ll be another inFAMOUS or a completely new IP. What we do know, though, is that its characters are going to be rather fashionable, thanks to a new career opportunity ad seeking a Pattern Maker.


Sucker Punch is looking for a Pattern Maker to join the Sucker Punch Character Team. The successful candidate will work with Sucker Punch’s Art Director, character art team, and concept team to help design unique clothing lines to help create compelling, believable characters. This is an in-house contracting position.


  • Work with the art team to design clothing that can be laid out into patterns for virtual fabrication.
  • Help ensure that our concepts are informed, functional, and interesting.
  • Help develop “lines” of fashion that can be efficiently created by our art team.


  • Strong portfolio showing examples of a wide variety of clothing styles.
  • Strong portfolio showing examples of designing a line of clothing and/or defining a brand.
  • Ability to work well with a concept artist.


  • Experience with GERBER.
  • Experience with Marvelous Designer.
  • Experience in Fashion Concept Sketching.
  • Wide range of experience working with various materials.


Looks like Sucker Punch is taking the fashionable approach for its next game. inFAMOUS: Second Son and First Light definitely showcased interesting fashion choices for their characters, and it’s doubtless that the right clothes can make a game character much more interesting.

What will the next Sucker Punch protagonist look like? Grungy youth or dapper gentleman? Or maybe a fashion conscious, trendy lady? We’ll have to wait and see.