Sucker Punch Hiring Again After Layoffs: New Game In the Works at Sony’s First Party Studio?

Sucker Punch Hiring Again After Layoffs: New Game In the Works at Sony’s First Party Studio?

Sony Computer Entertainment’s first party studio Sucker Punch Productions went through a round of layoffs back in August, probably due to the usual reduction in work force that affects large studios at the end of the development of a major game.

Yet, looks like the hiring cycle is restarting, as the developer published its first career opportunity ad since the layoffs, seeking a Concept Artist.

We are looking for a strong concept artist with lots of potential, to join the Sucker Punch team. This is a full time onsite position. You will work directly with the Art Director to communicate the artistic vision of our game through conceptual illustration, as well as support the environment and character teams with production concept sketches throughout completion of the title. The focus here is on design and ideation, not just digital painting or illustration. Pretty pictures won’t cut it.

The ideal candidate will have an aptitude for strong architectural and environmental design and illustration; including a strong handle on lighting, and color. They will also possess an ability to execute at a high level of craftsmanship in rendering and clear, explanatory production art for modelers.

Close to the release of inFAMOUS: Second Son Studio Head Brian Fleming told me that the studio still hadn’t decided what to do after the adventures of Delsin Rowe, and several members of the studio repeated in multiple occasions that Sucker Punch is a one game developer.

Now that inFAMOUS: First Light is shipped, looks like things are gearing up for something new, and the hiring of a concept artist seems to indicate a new game in the early stages of development.

Will it be another inFAMOUS or something else entirely? Time will tell.