Sucker Punch Producer: inFAMOUS “Was an OK Game”

inFAMOUS was commercially successful and was more than well-received critically. Surprisingly that didn’t affect a Sucker Punch producer’s feelings in any way whatsoever. Mr. Brian Fleming feels the game wasn’t good and was just OK. I know I’m shocked too. Normally, unless a game really really reaaaaaaly sucks, a video game’s creators usually stick by and cherish it. Well Brian didn’t even feel that way a year before inFAMOUS was even released.

In an interview with SPOnG, Brian Fleming detailed many reasons why he felt Sucker Punch “didn’t do themselves any favors on the first game”. This producer stated that launching a new game takes a lot of time and manpower and Sucker Punch didn’t have enough of that scheduled time to get gamers excited about inFAMOUS.

Mr. Fleming was very nonchalant about the game’s showcasing throughout the interview. He even pointed out the “steep” curve that the Cole experienced at the end of his first adventure. That was a surprise for everyone and he believes that the showcasing did not perform well enough to garner support on those events.

Could this be producer regrets or humbling comments that will hopefully bolster inFAMOUS 2 sales? Let’s just hope that Cole’s next adventure won’t be regretful for anyone on the Sucker Punch team. inFAMOUS 2 hopes to be more than just an OK game on its release date, June 7th.

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