Suda51 Comments on Possibility of Seeing Travis Touchdown in Upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Switch

During PAX East, we caught up with Suda51 to see if he'd want the titular character from Travis Strikes Again appear in the upcoming Super Smash Bros..

April 6, 2018

Since it’s now a Super Smash Bros. year, speculation will surely be running rampant over the upcoming months as fans will vouch for their own personal favorite characters to appear in the fighting game. Recently, we asked one prolific game director whether he’d want one of his own characters in the upcoming game.

During PAX East 2018, we caught up with Goichi “Suda51” Suda to talk about his upcoming project Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. While the majority of our time with Suda51 was spent discussing his design decisions in the game, we did happen to ask him whether or not he’d like to see the No More Heroes series protagonist Travis Touchdown arrive to brawl with Nintendo’s best.

With a smile on his face, Suda51 told us the following:

Of course, but it’s up to the media people. They have to take a stand and make Nintendo put him in the game.

There you have it, folks, if we want to see Travis Touchdown in Super Smash Bros. then we’re going to have to make it happen ourselves. I’m proud to announce that we here at DualShockers are now launching an official campaign to get Travis in Super Smash Bros.. Take to Twitter, take to the streets, or go picket outside of Nintendo’s headquarters to let them know that we need this beam katana-wielding otaku in Smash.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for our full interview with Suda51 in the coming days as he tells us more about what we can expect from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes along with talking about the possibility of a proper No More Heroes 3.

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