Suda51 Takes to Twitter to Tease a 2021 Release Date for Hotel Barcelona

Hotel Barcelona is an upcoming horror game that Suda 51 and Swery 65 dreamed up on a livestream. If Suda's teasing is to be believed, it will release 2021

January 1, 2020

With the New Year now upon us, many on Twitter have been posting about their goals and plans for 2020. Suda51 seems to always be one step ahead of all of us and is already looking ahead to 2021. The man behind games like Killer7 and No More Heroes took to Twitter to tease what he’s working on for 2021. Hopefully, Hotel Barcelona works out because this sounds great.

If you missed the Hotel Barcelona announcement, you’re not alone. Basically, Suda and Swery 65 were on an IGN livestream talking a bit about the canceled PSVR game they were working on together. During that livestream, they began workshopping an idea for a horror-suspense game that would eventually become Hotel Barcelona. The game might be published by Devolver Digital, but that’s still up in the air. That said, Devolver is in Suda’s replies hinting even more that they may be involved.


Presently, we don’t know much about the game other than it’s a horror game that’s slated to come in 2021. However, fans of the two creators will be waiting with bated breath for more info. Hopefully, we get more info in the coming months. Though Suda is presumably working hard on No More Heroes III and that Fire Pro Wrestling World scenario that I’m not waiting on or anything. Swery, of course, has Deadly Premonition 2 to work on as well. So, at this point, any news is good news and I’m more than happy to give the pairing as much time as needed. After all, this is a mash-up the world sorely needs.


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