Suda51 Interested in Remaking Classic Shooter Killer 7

on September 2, 2016 7:04 PM

During Suda51’s Pax West 2016 panel today, the creator had some news about what he plans to do with one of his past games.

Speaking at the panel, Suda51 brought the idea up after discussing his upcoming re-release of his 1999 point and click adventure The Silver Case. He then segues into the topic of his PlayStation 2 and Gamecube shooter from 2005, Killer 7. Where he says that he’ll be contacting the publisher, Capcom, about a possible re-release on current platforms.

Killer 7 is a first person on-rails shooter where players take up the role as Harman Smith, a troubled man who harbors multiple personalities that alter his physical traits. Aside from that, Smith is an assassin who must take out a different targets over the game’s campaign.

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