Sudden Strike 4 Shows Off Reversible Cover Art in New Video

Sudden Strike 4 Shows Off Reversible Cover Art in New Video

Sudden Strike 4 has received a new video that shows off reversible cover art from artist Robert Simon.

Kite Games and Kalypso Media unveiled the reversible cover art present in Day One Edition copies off Sudden Strike 4 today. The covers feature art from Robert Simon, an artist who has worked on games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Ryse: Son of Rome.

Sudden Strike 4: Day One Edition will contain three of Simon’s reversible bonus covers in edition to the regular box art. Robert’s pieces are inspired by World War II propaganda posters, and highlight the game’s three main factions: the Western Allies, Germans, and Soviets.

Physical copies of Sudden Strike 4 on PC will also contain codes for a digital artbook and soundtrack, and The Battle for Kursk DLC. On PS4, Sudden Strike 4: Day One Edition will just come with the artbook and soundtrack. Sudden Strike 4 marks the first time a game in the series has released on a home console.

For those who don’t know, Sudden Strike 4 is an RTS set in World War II that contains three campaigns that each consist of at least twenty missions. The title lets players take control of nine commanders and over 100 authentic units, which includes the Königstiger tank and the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane. Steam Workshop support will be present on PC, and the game will have competitive multiplayer mode. It also has an optional Pause & Play gameplay option, which adds more tactical depth to the gameplay.

You can check out the video the showcases the reversible cover art below. Sudden Strike 4 is coming to PC August 11 and PS4 August 15. Those who pre-order the game on Steam for $49.99 will get access to the game’s Closed Beta, the original Sudden Strike Trilogy, and the DLC, soundtrack, and digital art book present in the Day One Edition of the game.