Versus-Style Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Acceleration of Suguri 2’ Launches Free Open Beta Ahead of Launch

Versus-Style Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Acceleration of Suguri 2’ Launches Free Open Beta Ahead of Launch

Fruitbat Factory launches the Open Beta for Acceleration of Suguri 2, giving players a preview of the action and online modes

Fruitbat Factory revealed that the versus-style shoot ’em up Acceleration of Suguri 2 now has a free Open Beta available to anyone who wants to give the game a shot.

 Acceleration of Suguri 2’s Open Beta will contain 8 of the game’s 15 playable characters: Suguri, Sora, Alte, Tsih, Nanako, Kae, Mira, and Iru. Additionally, multiple modes are offered and allow the player to face off against the CPU or compete online against other players using the game’s new lobby system.

Acceleration of Suguri 2 is a bullet hell style action game where players face head-to-head in multiple arenas. There are 15 characters to choose from who come from all over the Suguri universe. Online lobbies will support up to 8 players. While in the lobby, players are able to challenge any available player or use the auto-battle option.

Additionally, Acceleration of Suguri 2 is being brought to Steam with completely remastered HD graphics and three game modes: Story, Arcade, and Match Mode. There are also options for local as well as online multiplayer.

 Acceleration of Suguri 2’s Open Beta is available for free now from the game’s Steam page. To access the Open Beta, click the Download Demo link and you’re on your way to the Suguri party.

 Acceleration of Suguri 2 launchs on PC-via Steam on March 7.

You can check out new screenshots below: