Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Full Game Title Revealed, DC FanDome Panel Time Announced

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Full Game Title Revealed, DC FanDome Panel Time Announced

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is officially the title of Rocksteady's next project, with the full unveil transpiring next Saturday.

Rocksteady finally unveiled its first look at the studio’s upcoming Suicide Squad game last week, and as of today, some new information on the title and its forthcoming full-reveal have now been disclosed.

The full schedule for DC FanDome, the three-day event in which DC Comics will be making a variety of announcements related to countless upcoming products associated with the brand, was today released. In the process, it was unveiled that Rocksteady’s panel for the event in which is will finally show off Suicide Squad will transpire on August 22 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT. The panel itself is said to last 20 minutes and it will be hosted by Will Arnett.

In addition to now providing a specific time for the panel, Warner Bros. also divulged today that the formal title of the game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This title is one that leaked in the past, so this is now more of a formal confirmation on DC’s part that anything. That said, the title also seems to indicate that the promo art for the game which features the SS logo emblazoned over Superman’s head won’t just have the titluar group taking on the Man of Steel alone. While it remains to be seen who all from the Justice League will be making an appearance in Suicide Squad, the idea that this team will potentially be taking on the likes of Batman specifically, who Rocksteady has worked with over the past decade, is quite intriguing.

All in all, there’s still a lot we have left to learn about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but it should be fascinating to see what Rocksteady has been cooking up for all of these years. We’ll obviously share more on the upcoming game with you here on DualShockers next week once the panel occurs.