Sumioni: Demon Arts Gets New Stylish Trailer

on January 12, 2012 10:15 PM

A unique ink-themed 2D platformer is making its way to the PS Vita this February and it looks like it will take full advantage of the console’s touch features.

Sumioni: Demon Arts is a stylistic, beautiful-looking game by developer Acquire (Class of Heroes) where you have to overcome and battle your way through obstacles using  ink as some sort of arsenal.

This mysterious ink allows you to summon creatures and draw items that aid you on your adventure. Ink plays a pivotal role in gameplay mechanics,  if you run out of ink, you can produce more by just rubbing the rear touch pad but doing so will leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks so ink management is vital to your survival. Intrigued yet? Sumioni: Demon Arts will release in Japan on February 9, it will see a North American release later this spring. The game is being published in the US by XSEED Games.

This new trailer shows players what to expect in terms of gameplay and its graphical prowess. It’s like Ninja Gaiden meets El Shaddai in a 2D quest of awesomeness.  This trailer has got me excited, mainly for its artistic draw but let’s hope it’s as fun to play as it is to watch.

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