Indie ADV Sumire no Sora Announced for PC via Steam, Switch

Announced during Indie Live Expo 2020, Sumire no Sora is a cute narrative-driven game, taking place in the span of a day, in a mystical Japanese village.

GameTomo announced Sumire no Sora for Steam and Switch, during Indie Live Expo 2020 held on June 6. Sumire is a narrative game taking place in the span of a day, in a mystical, Japanese-styled village. Titular protagonist Sumire was given a list of task to accomplish by the mischievous spirit of the mountain, and needs to clear said list before night falls.

In Japanese, the game is titled Sumire no Sora, Sumire’s Sky. Sumire is an usual name in Japan, as seen in Sakura Wars, and can also mean Violet in Japanese, and is a reference to how the game’s sky turns violet when the end approaches. Sumire no Sora in its Japanese press release is described as an ADV. These are story-driven, text-heavy games where you control a character’s movements and choices either directly, or through text options. See 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. It’s basically what most people in the west would call a visual novel.

Sumire is a doujin game, as in a Japanese indie game, and is still in development and has no release date estimate yet. News updates on the game will be coming via the Steam page and on GameTomo’s Twitter account.

Screenshots from Sumire are included below. Here are additional details from the press release.

  • Explore through a variety of lush, beautiful environments rendered in a painterly style.
  • Discover collectibles, bonus items, tests of skill, and other challenges — some hidden, some not.
  • A series of quests both big and small, given by charming forest creatures, quirky townspeople, and Sumire’s own heartfelt needs. Take or refuse them, but be wary: as the day progresses, you may never get the same chance again.
  • A one day time limit. With the sky changing from the promise of morning to the soft twilight, all choices are finished when the sky turns to violet.

GameTomo in the past developed Project Nimbus, a pretty cool-looking mecha game, together with GameCrafterTeam. A sequel titled Nimbus Infinity is also in the works, and a first trailer was published during Indie Live Expo 2020.

Personally speaking, I like ADV games, story-driven games, and this looks super cute so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Stay tuned like Ulala would say as we’ll soon push out a summary of all the announcements from Indie Live Expo 2020.

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