Summer Games Done Quick 2017 Breaks New Fundraising Record at Over $1.7 Million

Summer Games Done Quick 2017 Breaks New Fundraising Record at Over $1.7 Million

The Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon reached a new milestone in 2017 with a total donation count of over $1.7M for Doctors Without Borders.

An annual tradition for the summer in the past few years, Summer Games Done Quick has brought players together to enjoy a week of livestreams and the best speedruns in the world in the name of a good cause, with the organization bringing in a new record total for 2017.

Summer Games Done Quick, which kicked off last week and concluded on Sunday, July 9th, has brought in a total of over $1,760,400 raise in donations from throughout the livestreaming event and setting a new record for the summer event. Eclipsing last year’s total of nearly $1.3M, this year’s total is still trickling in, but still far surpasses the total from the previous years’ Summer Games Done Quick events thanks to the contributions of over 30,000 donors to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Games Done Quick is an annual series of events organized by the Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live Communities and has been held each year since 2010. Games Done Quick hosts two events throughout the year – Awesome Games Done Quick in the winter, and Summer Games Done Quick in the summer – to benefit charitable organizations including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

For a look at some of the streams from Summer Games Done Quick 2017, you can check out the YouTube playlist below: