Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Moves Online this August

Summer Games Done Quick moves online due to COVID-19. The event will take place from August 16-23

Summer Games Done Quick is a massive event for the speed-running community. Earlier this year, the event was postponed by Games Done Quick due to the coronavirus. And now, the in-person event has been officially canceled, and GDQ has moved the whole thing online. It’s a move that makes sense, especially with how successful the company’s Coronavirus Relief Marathon was. Check below for full details about the digital event.

The online event will take place from August 16-23 on the GDQ Twitch channel. Fortunately, runners who have already submitted for the in-person event only have to submit a form to keep their spot. Presumably, the team went ahead and made sure all the runs could move online when they originally pushed SGDQ back. Regardless, it’s a good move that makes sure all the great runners still get to show their stuff. There will be some new runs submitted, which means any game that’s come out since the last deadline can now be submitted. I can’t wait to see the Pro Cycling Manager 2020 speed run.

Jokes aside, every GDQ event is must-watch entertainment. Not only are the runs tons of fun, but the whole thing supports a great cause. At Awesome Games Done Quick this winter, the team raised $3.13 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation. SGDQ is raising money for Doctors Without Borders and I would be very surprised if they don’t clear that $3 million mark again.

Summer Games Done Quick runs from August 16-23. We don’t yet know the game’s schedule. However, just browsing the submissions entered so far, I see someone claiming they can “juggle or (do) handstands” while playing Resident Evil 3 Remake without losing time. Somebody make sure we get that.

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