Summer Games Done Quick Starts Today; Watch Right Here

Summer Games Done Quick starts today and viewers will be able to watch speedrunners dismantle their favorite games until August 23.

By Grant Huff

August 16, 2020

Well, boys and girls, today is the day. Games Done Quick is back and ready to start today. The event had previously been postponed from its original June window to August and has transitioned over to an online event rather than having runners on-site. All proceeds from the fundraising event will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The schedule of this event contains some household games you would expect to see such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (my favorite) and Super Mario 64. The event will also feature some fresh newcomers like Hollow Knight, Demon’s Souls, and much more. I have to say, Hollow Knight is a massive game and I can’t wait to see how the runner will get through it so quickly. The full schedule can be found right here.

The event is set to begin with a pre-show starting at 10:30 AM UTC. If you go to the schedule on Games Done Quick’s website, it should factor in your local timezone. After the pre-show, the first game to start the event will be Demon’s Souls.

I can’t wait to watch some speedrunners absolutely dismantle my favorite childhood games. The way some of these runners tear through games is remarkable and is always a joy to watch. If you are a first-time viewer be prepared to have your mind blown a few times. Especially if one of your favorite games is on the list. I’ll always remember seeing the 100% Super Mario 64 run for the first time. It wasn’t a speedrun, it was art more than anything.

GDQ previously held a Corona Relief Done Quick stream and was able to raise and donate $400k. Before that, they were able to raise over $3 million back in January for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

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Summer Games Done Quick starts today and will conclude in one week on Sunday, August 23.


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