PlayStation VR Exclusive Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Gets Charming Screenshots of Your New Waifu

PlayStation VR Exclusive Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Gets Charming Screenshots of Your New Waifu

Alison Snow will charm you with her beauty and the adorable contrast between her public persona as a singer and her tender inner self.

Western men are often easily charmed by the beauty of Japanese ladies, but don’t think it doesn’t work both ways. Many Japanese lads would love to have a tall and blonde girlfriend from the west, so it’s quite probable that Bandai Namco is about to hit the jackpot again with Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days. Today they released a nice batch of new screenshots.

The game features Alison, a girl popular in the American music scene. She suddenly left her country without telling her agent, and she went to Japan, a country that has interested her for a long time. She is from Pennsylvania, she loves walking and embroidery (she is a much quieter girl than she appears), and cooking and eating Japanese food. Her blood type is A, and she’s very good at singing and playing her acoustic guitar.

Alison traveled to Japan  in order to recover from the stress of her job, but since she is under contract with an entertainment agency, and she’ll soon have to return to the States. Yet, she wants to persuade her agent that learning about the Japanese culture inspires her, and asks the player to teach her, so that she can stay in Japan even after the summer ends.

While on stage she is a star and a singer able to boldly entertain the audience, in private she has a kind and cheerful personality. She truly loves music, but she lacks confidence in herself. Due to her anxiety, she often confides her concerns to her tutor.

She really enjoys studying Japanese culture, and that often restores her mood. While she’s not self conscious, she likes places with few people and a lot of nature, because she can freely express herself without worrying about who could be watching, and go out without any anxiety.

You can check out the pictures below, and see the first gameplay footage and trailer as well. Among the pictures, you can also see a PS4 dynamic theme that will be given as a bonus to those who buy the deluxe edition. It features the theme song “Here I am” as the BGM.

The original Summer Lesson has been rather successful in Japan and as a result Bandai Namco released several DLC and a physical edition. It  was recently launched in Asia with English subtitles, but it has never been released in the west.