New Summer Lesson Game “Alison Snow” for PlayStation VR Gets New Screenshots on Famitsu

New Summer Lesson Game “Alison Snow” for PlayStation VR Gets New Screenshots on Famitsu

Get to know the beautiful blonde Alison Snow with new Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Garnden of Seven Days screenshots and information.

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a spread on the upcoming new Summer Lesson game, titled Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days, follow-up to the popular Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room.

We also get a few more tidbits of information on Alison herself. She comes from Pennsylvania, and her hobbies are embroidery and walking. She also loves cooking and eating Japanese food.

Her main skills are playing the acoustic guitar and singing and her blood type is A. She is voiced by Rika Abe, while her singing voice is provided by Jenny Shima.

Her Character design (of which we see a couple of examples in the gallery) has been handled by Daigo Okumura, who many will know for his work on the Tales series.

Alison is enthusiastic as a singer, but she has a calm and quiet personality. She loves music from the bottom of her heart, but she lacks confidence in herself in other aspects. She is a simple girl, who tends not to follow fashion, and not to care too much about her surroundings. She loves to go out, and she is actively studying Japanese culture.

While in the previous game the player was Hikari Miyamoto’s tutor to help her with school, with Alison the standpoint is quite different. Alison is a girl who loves Japan, and came to the country to recover from the stress of her work as a musician.

The player will give her a series of lesson to make her trip to Japan meaningful and teach her Japanese culture. The secret hope is that she won’t want to leave Japan anymore.

The environment of the game is the garden of a rural house, designed with plenty of items that will make the player feel the sensation of summer, like fans and mosquito coils.

Like the first game, Alison Snow Garden of Seven Days will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR on PS4. It’ll land on the Japanese PlayStation Store on June 22nd.

You can check out the pictures below, and see the first gameplay footage and trailer as well.

The original Summer Lesson has been rather successful in Japan so much that Bandai Namco released several DLC and a physical edition. It  was recently launched in Asia with English subtitles, but it has never been released in the west.