You Can be an Awesome, Hilarious Jerk in Skyrim

on November 27, 2011 4:00 PM

It’s the Sunday of a holiday weekend, so you’re probably enjoying the remnants of the long break before dreading tomorrow.  Well, if you’re not still in a food coma, or even if you are, people have been taping themselves screwing around in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for your amusement.  Today’s video is ten minutes of nonsense that had my sides splitting.  The fun that can be had FUS RO DAH-ing people off of mountains seems to be unending.  There is a lot of other kinds of silly nonsense, though be warned, the video does contain a bit of text with some language that is not exactly safe for work.  But hey, it’s the weekend, so enjoy the video after the jump.

A lot of time these videos can come off as trying to hard, but so far Skyrim seems to have almost unlimited potential for real humor, as a lot of the videos people have put onto YouTube have actually been funny.  Kudos to YouTuber Criken for sharing this with us.

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