Sunday Shopper – October 24th Edition

Sunday Shopper – October 24th Edition


[Wondering what to play this week? Sunday Shopper is a weekly segment where we bring you information on games that have been reduced from their original price for this week only!]

First up this week: if you’re into PC adventure games, this week has been dubbed Classic Adventure Week by The Adventure Shop. Which means that this week only, all their classic adventure games are 33% off.

Next up, Steam as always has some amazing deals:

Their big one this week is Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition) for 66% off! Bringing its total down to a measly $13.49.

Steam also has a ton of indie games on sale – some of the more amazing deals include Numen: Contest of Heroes, an RPG set in ancient Greece, for only $2.00 (80% off of its original $10); and Railworks 2 for $19.99, 50% off its original $39.99!

And GameStop, as always, is holding some great sales on console games and accessories:

Bioshock 2 for both the 360 and PS3, Naruto Shippuden Clash Ninja Revolution 3 and Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii, and Red Dead Redemption for both 360 and PS3 are all $10 off their original prices.

Additonally, to help you get a better grip on your Wii Remote while play Naruto and Monster Hunter, you can also get a Wii Remote silicon skin for $10 off this week – and they come in multiple colors!

Get these deals while they’re hot, because as always: the less you spend on these games, the more you can spend on all the others!