Sundered Gets Antagonist Valkyries Detailed and Special Livestream Planned for Tomorrow

Sundered Gets Antagonist Valkyries Detailed and Special Livestream Planned for Tomorrow

Thunder Lotus plans to host a special livestream for their upcoming game Sundered.

Thunder Lotus provided KickStarter backers with details about their hand-drawn metroidvania Sundered, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC this Summer.

Firstly, the team reminds fans of their special livestream scheduled for February 8 at 5pm EST. The developer teases that the title of the livestream, “The Sundered Backer Appreciation Live Stream”, gives a clue as to what it will be about.

Secondly, the publisher details one of the game’s antagonists, the Valkyries:

The Valkyries were once a group of brave soldiers and scientists with the sole purpose of defending the remains of humankind.

After years upon years of steady decline, it had finally come to this. As disorder and despair reigned and infrastructure crumbled planet-wide, humanity’s bravest and brightest took it upon themselves to create the Valkyrie Division. Top scientific and military expertise united in their utopian vision: they would found a new city, a shining beacon upon which humanity could begin to rebuild.

But the world was no longer the flourishing source of energy and resources it had once been. For all their wisdom and best efforts, the Valkyries did not thrive – even daily survival remained a challenge. So it was that large team was dispatched to wander the decayed world in search of solutions.

Lead by General Leonard Waters, the group eventually came upon a strange underground city in which people seemed to prosper despite the disaster that had befallen the world. These people called themselves the Eschaton, and seemed to have devoted their lives to some unknown god.
An eerie contraption called the Shining Trapezohedron seemed to be the source of the Eschaton prosperity, and it was immediately coveted by General Waters. Surely the power of the Trapezohedron could be harnessed – perhaps even technologically augmented – for the greater good! It would be claimed by the Valkyries – by force, if necessary.

Recently, the team provided details about the protagonist Eshe.

You can check out some screenshots of the Valkyrie below: