Sundered Coming to KickStarter to Get Fans Involved and Add Polish

Sundered Coming to KickStarter to Get Fans Involved and Add Polish

Thunder Lotus announced their plans to bring their hand drawn metroidvania, Sundered, to crowdfunding-via KickStarter, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC this Summer.

The game studio launched a preview of the crowdfunding page today to give backers a chance to leave feedback on the goals of the campaign detailed by the developer.

Furthermore, the campaign is only seeking CA$25,000 which might seem low for a game to be developed in 2017, but the developer explains their unique situation. Evidentially, the studio is launching the campaign with 100% of the funds raised to go back into development and add polish as well as improve the game through backer feedback.

They reveal their current financial standings and their marketing partnership with Sony (who is not funding the actual game). Additionally, they aim to send out alpha codes to backers after the KickStarter ends in February.

The developer details what they are looking for from backers in terms of feedback:

  • Overall balancing and pacing
  • Special nodes for the Skill Tree
  • Different ideas for Perks
  • What exactly defines the core gameplay experience and how we can improve it

They explain that the skeleton of the game is complete, but they want gamer feedback to “make the game more awesome”.

We’ve covered the game in the past as Thunder Lotus explains how a procedurally generated metroidvania works as well as the Sundered’s most recent trailer.