Sundered Gets New Information Detailing the Game’s Protagonist Eshe

Sundered Gets New Information Detailing the Game’s Protagonist Eshe

Earlier this month, Thunder Lotus Games announced that its metroidvania game, Sundered, was hitting Kickstarter looking for a small amount of cash ($18,798 USD specifically). Today, the developer announced that as of right now, with 23 days left, the game is more than 300 percent funded.

More important than smashing funding goals, Thunder Lotus Games has released a whole slab of information on the game’s protagonist, Eshe, via a Kickstarter update post.


The following description was provided to provide some context and background information:

Slow but persistent was the world’s decay… until the efforts of mankind’s bravest and brightest to preserve humanity instead dramatically precipitated the fall. Centuries after that mysterious calamity, those who remain travel in groups through the windswept, dusty land, pooling their resources and skills to survive.

Followed by the character description for Eshe:

Eshe is the uniquely talented mechanic of her nomadic group, scavenging the wasteland for salvageable parts and effecting repairs on the group’s perpetually decaying machines and weapons.

Still the group’s numbers dwindle. One day, yet another trusted companion doesn’t return from a scavenging mission, and Eshe is spurred into action.

Searching through the wasteland for her lost friend, Eshe finds herself trapped in a strange sandstorm that lures her into a mysterious pit. She has stumbled upon the source of power that led to the world’s destruction centuries ago. Having no choice but to go forward, she delves into a world of monsters and madness…

And that’s Eshe — well, at least what Thunder Lotus Games revealed today. The developer wrapped up the post by thanking fans for the ongoing support, and stating its excitement  to get the game’s alpha and beta into the hands of backers.

Additionally, Thunder Lotus has said that later this week, it is going to start asking for backers’ opinions on some aspects of the game, so if you’re interested in providing feedback, stay tuned.

If you want to see more of Sundered — you can watch its latest trailer here.