Sundered Magnate of the Gong Update’s New Content Detailed by Thunder Lotus

Sundered Magnate of the Gong Update’s New Content Detailed by Thunder Lotus

Thunder Lotus has revealed to DualShockers what players can expect from Sundered's upcoming Mangate of the Gong Update.

This Friday, the Magnate of the Gong update for Sundered will be releasing for PC and PS4 alongside Sundered: Eldritch Edition for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. While Thunder Lotus mentioned that the update would contain new levels and bosses, more specific details on what the update contains hadn’t been discussed yet. Fortunately, Thunder Lotus cleared up what exactly fans could expect from Magnate of the Gong’s new content in a recent interview about Sundered: Eldritch Edition with DualShockers.

Specifically, Thunder Lotus Marketing and Communications Specialist Rodrigue Duperron disclosed further details about what Magnate of the Gong has to offer. According to Rodrigue, this new quest will finally have players find out who’s behind infernal gongs that ring prior to waves of enemies attacking the player. That being said, the titular Magnate of the Gong is quite hard to get to, so players will have to go on a hefty quest in order to confront them:

“We certainly wanted to give players a look behind the curtain, to see who (or what) was ringing the infernal gongs that send hordes swarming to the player… but let’s just say the Magnate doesn’t take appointments, so players are going to have to jump through a proverbial hoops to unlock the Magnate’s door.”

As for the more gameplay focused aspects of the quest, Rodrigue told DualShockers that areas in Magnate of the Gong will function more so as “extended puzzles” than the winding and interconnected sets of rooms Metroidvania fans have come to expect. Sundered’s Magnate of the Gong update will also finally give players the ability to fight the game’s bosses for a second time once they hit the end-game:

“It’ll be obvious both to new players and Sundered veterans that the level designers wanted to have a little more fun with the new areas, which expand on some gameplay ideas from the main game and play out more as extended puzzles than the classic Metroidvania “long-way-around-to-unlock-a-door” that many sections from the initial release contained.

We also wanted to give the player a chance to fight the existing bosses a second time in the end-game, if he/she chooses. To really put all the abilities, skills, and learnings acquired throughout the game to the test.”

Another big feature that Sundered: Eldritch Edition and the Magnate of the Gong update bring is the addition of local multiplayer. DualShockers asked if these new areas were created to work better with multiplayer, but the answer was surprisingly “not specifically.” That being said, Thunder Lotus thinks that Magnate of the Gong’s new areas are just as fun to explore whether you are playing alone of with friends.

While there currently aren’t any plans to add online multiplayer, hopefully these new areas are as fun to explore with friends as Rodrigue is saying:

“Not specifically, no – we certainly wanted to introduce a fun, new way of experiencing Sundered with this update, but we’re well aware that many people simply aren’t interested in couch co-op, and we didn’t want to disappoint the existing players and fans by making multiplayer a must. So the new content had to play as well in both single and multiplayer; we feel we’ve accomplished that here.”

You can expect DualShockers’ full interview with Thunder Lotus to go live on Friday. While Sundered is currently available for PC and PS4, Sundered: Eldritch Edition, which contains the Magnate of the Gong update, will launch on December 21.