Sundered Receives Official Launch Date and New Overview Trailer

Sundered Receives Official Launch Date and New Overview Trailer

Thunder Lotus Games has finally announced the release date for their hand-drawn Metroidvania action game Sundered, coming to PlayStation 4, Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Origin, Twitch, and Uplay PC on July 28.

Sundered has players assume the role of Eshe, who has found herself trapped in a mysterious world of demons and horrors. During the adventure, players will have to make choices pertaining to what kind of character Eshe will turn out to be throughout the story, will you resist or embrace these new powers?

To celebrate the release Thunder Lotus Games has put the first title, Jotun up to be free this weekend, from now till Monday, on Steam and GOG.

Additionally, the developer has launched a new trailer showing the massive boss battles and hardships that await players as they fight their way through the campaign.

Sundered also hosts some procedural generated dungeons making it a challenge for players to travel from point A to point B. This will allow multiple ways for players to experience the campaign. It should be noted that only the dungeons are procedural. Each level has a destination that players must find their way to, including things like walls that can only be passed once they have a certain power-up.

For a quick look at the gameplay, the developer launched new gameplay on the PlayStation channel.

You can watch the new trailer below: