Sundered’s Launch Issues Addressed: Patches Coming, but Hordes Are Here to Stay

Sundered’s Launch Issues Addressed: Patches Coming, but Hordes Are Here to Stay

Thunder Lotus Games has just wrapped up the post launch week of their metroidvania adventure game, Sundered, available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

In order to keep a consistent line of communication with the fans, Thunder Lotus Games’ President & CEO Will Dubé posted to the official blog addressing some player’s concerns. Will begins the post by addressing what it feels like to launch a game, “As always, it was crazy. There’s nothing like the feeling of jumping off a cliff without a parachute.”

First off, players are upset about the difficulty of the game and how it can increase rather quickly at times resulting to a death. Evidently, the team has quickly patched this and has moved on to addressing some of the technical difficulties experienced in the PS4 build. This includes the long loading time in the beginning of the game. Additionally, the team will fix some of the set pieces to be less similar.

However, the team will not be changing the horde system for player’s who don’t like it, Will adds, “Several of you came in with expectations of a classic Metroidvania. We are sorry for the confusion, but we won’t be changing fundamental game systems. Sundered is what is it is and that’s why we love it and are proud of it.”

I personally reviewed the game, but don’t see the difficulty as something to criticise because the game gives you the tools you need in order to survive, in the form of upgrades and perks. DualShockers gave the PC version of the game a 9.5/10 and thought it told a great story with little narrative and was filled with action and exploration.