SunFlowers to Shine on PlayStation Vita This Fall

SunFlowers to Shine on PlayStation Vita This Fall

Coming to the PlayStation Vita this fall is the quirky vertically played game SunFlowers.

The game has players control the sun and use their power to make flowers grow. Players will need to shoot sunshine rays through clouds that will turn the light into water that will cause the plants to grow. If the sun makes direct contact with seeds or flowers then they will start burning until they are put out with water.

Once a flower hits maturity, it will pop out two seeds that will plant in an empty location. Combos can be formed by having seeds bounce until they reach an empty space without a flower. Players will also have to make use of the Vita’s features to eliminate obstacles created by the four different seasons that occur in the game.

Flowers go into a virtual garden that can be offered to friends or “near” players. The game has three difficulty modes that feature unique flowers and bonus stages.

There will be 330 flowers for gamers to collect and leaderboards to compete for the highest score amongst friends and other players.

Gamers that want something a little more casual will want to check out the game when it is released in the fall. But until then check out the video for SunFlowers below.