Sunless Skies Navigates Out of Perilous Early Access Rut, Launching January 2019

Sunless Skies Navigates Out of Perilous Early Access Rut, Launching January 2019

Sunless Skies is exiting Early Access and getting a full release on January 31, 2019; you can enjoy the game's pen-and-paper RPG for free now.

Today is a happy day for developer Failbetter Games, creators of roguelike survival exploration game Sunless Skies. They got to announce that their game will finally exit Early Access and get a full-fledged release on January 31, 2019. But skies haven’t always been so bright for the game.

Frequent readers of the site may remember that Failbetter Games’ Sunless Skies‘s release went into an indefinite hiatus last year when the developer hit some financial setbacks. Reporting back to their loyal Kickstarter backers, the studio let loose in February 2018 explaining that their previous hit–Sunless Sea–outsold the other game by over a multiplier of six within the same period.

However, Failbetter Games nonetheless plugged along constantly updating the game and keeping in touch with their supporters. In late February 2018 the studio announced a September 2018 release date, which would eventually get delayed. In early April, a new in-game location Albion was revealed and released on Early Access with Eleutheria 9the third region) coming in July 2018.

Undoubtedly, the most recent update on Sunless Skies has a more “feel good” attitude behind it. The news itself was short but sweet, mainly focusing on the January 31, 2019 release date, however also highlighting a new Reach region and mechanics that will become available on October 10th. In the meantime, Failbetter Games has made themselves busy creating a pen-and-paper RPG in the Sunless Skies universe that is available for everyone, in-case you were looking for something to play.

As mentioned previously, Sunless Skies is available now on Early Access for PC; those looking to jump in on the official release can grab it on January 31, 2019.