The Vagabond Comes to Sunless Skies Via a June 12 Update

The Vagabond Comes to Sunless Skies Via a June 12 Update

Sunless Skies is getting a new officer to recruit and numerous new events to discover with Failbetter Games' June 12 Vagabond update.

Sunless Skies is a gothic horror game that puts the focus on exploration and story. You are the captain of a steam engine used to travel the galaxy. Your crew of disparate personalities has.  different quests for you to discover. With the new Vagabond update, Failbetter Games has added a new officer for you to recruit, among other things.

The Vagabond is a “gentleman of the skies” who will take you on a journey to unknown corners of the galaxy. He will lead you on “a tale of fortunes lost, found, and lost again”. During your travels with the Vagabond, you’ll encounter a community of wanderers known as the ‘skylarks’. And, if you decide to, you can assist them in the search for the Sugarspun Garden.

The update also adds a number of other stories and events for you to find. There are new agents to encounter and discoveries to make. Failbetter even teases that “something new (is) in the mists of Worlebury…”

In their post on the upcoming update, the devs stated that, after Vagabond, they are switching their focus going forward. Instead of adding more new events and encounters, they plan to focus on things like character progression, UI, and journey times. These quality of life improvements should make the game much easier to get into for players who might still be on the fence.

Now is a great time to pick Sunless Skies up. The team has a 20% discount going through the weekend to celebrate the LudoNarraCon event that is taking place on Steam.

Sunless Skies is available now on Linux, Mac, and PC.