Sunset Overdrive is Officially Coming to PC Tomorrow

Sunset Overdrive is Officially Coming to PC Tomorrow

Insomniac Games has finally made it official by revealing that Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC.

In the least surprising announcement of the week, Insomniac Games has this afternoon officially announced that the studio’s 2014 release Sunset Overdrive will officially be coming to PC tomorrow on November 16.

This news has been rumored for weeks at this point and was ever further proved to be likely earlier this week when a new Amazon listing for Sunset Overdrive on PC went live. Just like Insomniac Games announced today, it also had the correct release date of this Friday. Essentially, this entire announcement leaked beforehand, all that still needed to be done was the formalities.

If you have a PC and you still haven’t played Sunset Overdrive for yourself, then I cannot recommend it enough. It’s definitely one of my personal favorite games this generation and further shows just how much talent there is at Insomniac. Plus, for only $19.99 on PC, that’s a pretty great steal. I highly suggest you pick it up even if you’re a tad bit interested.

There’s a new launch trailer attached below for the PC version of Sunset Overdrive as well. If you’ve played the game already, don’t expect to see anything new here.