Sunset Overdrive: Xbox One Exclusivity “Wasn’t About Money;” Info on Resolution/FPS Choice and More

Sunset Overdrive: Xbox One Exclusivity “Wasn’t About Money;” Info on Resolution/FPS Choice and More

After the recent unveiling of Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac has been accused by many to have jumped on the Xbox One ship because of monetary advantages, but the developer took to Twitter to deny those allegations.

Wasn’t about money, was about our controlling and owning the IP, and their belief and desire to execute our vision with us.

Community and Marketing Lead James Stevenson also explained on NeoGAF that IP ownership and retaining control is currently the studio’s “biggest desire.”

Yup, which is our biggest desire these days. Controlling our own worlds and characters, especially after we pour so much into them.

Insomniac also pledged 100% independence, mentioning that they’re still free to work with whomever they like for other projects:

We are still 100% independent. Our deal with Microsoft covers @SunsetOverdrive, but we can work with others, like Sony on Nexus.

That said, we probably shouldn’t expect to see those other projects anytime soon, as it was mentioned that the team is “really focused on Sunset Overdrive right now.”

Interestingly enough, a fan asked if it’d be possible to implement an option to select between 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second and 720p/60 FPS. Insomniac explained why that won’t be possible:

Not really, no. so many systems end up relying on whichever one we choose to really optimize for the one piece of hardware.

They also specified that this goes for “probably all console games, but I guess it could depend. exclusives especially though highly optimize to console.”

Interestingly  enough, a similar option does exist in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (even if the frame rate is unlocked and not fixed at 30 or 60 frames per second), but defining it an exclusive would be very debatable.

By the way, if you care for a free Saturday morning smile, check out the GIF below, courtesy of NeoGAF. Apparently it’s making the rounds at Xbox’s offices, according to Aaron Greemberg.