Super 64 Giveaway — Enter for a Chance to Easily Play Your Nintendo 64 Games in HD

Super 64 Giveaway — Enter for a Chance to Easily Play Your Nintendo 64 Games in HD

EON Gaming is teaming up with us to give out one Super 64 to a lucky winner this holiday season.

EON Gaming’s Super 64 device is one of the cooler products we have reviewed in the last year or so that involves retro gaming. With only a few easy steps, it allows you to get a new lease on life with the Nintendo 64 that you might still have sitting around your home collecting dust. It’s not only a cool device for retro enthusiasts, but it’s an item that we have said is one of the best potential gifts in 2020.

Now, just in time for the holiday season, EON has partnered with us to help hook one of you up with the Super 64. Details on how you could potentially win one of these devices for yourself can be found below.

How to Enter

Entering this giveaway very easy! Following @DualShockers on Twitter is mandatory for entry, as we will be contacting the winners via Twitter Direct Message. Please make sure that you don’t unfollow us before the end of the competition, as that will invalidate your win.

Other than that, the ways to enter can be found down in the giveaway box below. Most of these qualifications to enter require you to follow us on various social media platforms or check out what EON has going on. The more ways you enter, the more likely you’ll then be chosen as the winner for this Super 64.

Win a Super 64 Adapter from EON Gaming

Giveaway Process/Requirements

To make this clear, only one Super 64 will be given away. Occasionally when we do giveaways like this we’re giving away multiple codes of items, but this time around there is only a single grand prize. Submissions for entry will also close next week on December 8 at 11:59 pm EST.

As a final mentionable, DualShockers does not have the ensuing Super 64 that will be given out on-hand. If you are the winner of this giveaway, we will reach out to you to receive your corresponding contact information. From here, we’ll pass this information off to EON for the product to then be mailed to your address of choice.

Best of luck if you enter! We’ll officially reach out to the winner next week on December 9, 2020.