YouTube Gaming Channel Super Best Friends Ends After Nine Years

The Super Best Friends let's play channel is coming to an end after roughly nine years of content, due to friendships ending among members.

December 16, 2018

Sad times in the Let’s Play world as popular group Super Best Friends officially put an end to their YouTube channel. The channel created video game playthroughs, podcasts, and fighting game specials throughout the past nine years.

Earlier today, they posted a video on YouTube announcing the breakup and explaining why it’s all happening. Woolie says, “Over the last nine years, it’s been really important to us in everything we do with this channel to be direct, honest, and genuine with you. And there’s no reason for that to change now. It doesn’t make it any easier to hear but we’re just going to be real with you. Matt and Pat are no longer friends…” He explains that the recording sessions got less fun for them because of that and the business end of the relationship degraded alongside the friendship.


They note that the channel will stay preserved for people to still watch and enjoy, though they will make content separately for now on. Matt mentioned he is still making his Matt McMuscles branded content, which focuses on more scripted content and critiques that expand beyond just video games. He’s also making a game called The Takeover, which is a beat ’em up coming out on Steam. While Woolie will also continue his YouTube channel and Twitch streams, which is a mixture of playthroughs and fighting game content.

The third and final member Pat, however, seems to be more focused on streaming as well as working on a new podcast with Woolie called Castle Super Beast.

One of the former members, Liam, roughly left two years ago this month; which created the reality of this channel not necessarily lasting forever. He also tweeted acknowledging the breakup and hinting at this not being much of a surprise. Liam also tweeted that he and Pat are also not friends.

Whether you saw this coming for years or you found it as a surprise as I did; it doesn’t take away the beloved content that the channel put out. If you’re someone who is looking for a playthrough of Ride to Hell: Retribution or maybe some Silent Hill 2, chances are Super Best Friends got you covered. Cheers to the Zaibatsu, one last time.

Zack Potter

Zack Potter is a Staff Writer at DualShockers with a special love for fighting games and their competitive scenes. When he's not button mashing in Street Fighter, he is studying journalism at Fresno State.

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