Super Bomberman R Update Adds New Konami Characters, a Grand Prix Battle Mode, and More

Super Bomberman R Update Adds New Konami Characters, a Grand Prix Battle Mode, and More

Super Bomberman R, a Nintendo Switch exclusive game from Konami, received an update today that added new characters to play as, new modes, and more.

Konami recently released Update 2.0 for Super Bomberman R, which was a Nintendo Switch launch title. Like update 1.4 before it, Version 2.0 of Super Bomberman R brings brand new playable characters from other Konami franchises. The update also adds a new Grand Prix Battle Mode, new stages, new accessories, and brings some other quality of life improvements to the game.

Two new battle stages called Nine Areas and Critical Path, have been added to Super Bomberman R via the shop. Small modifications to the camera and controls, along with the obvious bug fixes that come with an update have also been added. The new characters, which come from a variety of Konami games include the following:

  • Option Bomber A
  • Option Bomber B
  • Reiko Bomber
  • Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
  • Jehuty Bomber
  • Anubis Bomber
  • Dracula Bomber,
  • Princess Tomato Bomber
  • Bubble Head Bomber
  • Goemon Bomber

Several new accessory item series based on the aforementioned characters’ series have also been added to the in-game shop. Bomber Planet World can now also be accessed as soon as players beat the Story Mode in Standard Mode. It is nice to see Konami giving some attention to their less popular series, especially some that have been ignored in recent years.

The biggest thing this Super Bomberman R update adds though is Grand Prix. This new kind of Battle Mode type lasts two rounds, with each team attempting to win by getting the most points. If a player dies in this mode, they will respawn after a short period of time, though some blocks will fall off of the stage as time goes on.

There are two different sets of rules players can follow while playing this mode. In Crystal, players garner points by collecting the crystals peppered throughout the stage, while players just get points by defeating the opposing team in Basic Bomber. Up to six Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected to locally to play this mode.

You can check out the trailer that highlights the Grand Prix mode below. Super Bomberman R is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.