Digital Foundry: Super Bomberman R’s 60 FPS Patch Significantly Lowers Resolution

Digital Foundry: Super Bomberman R’s 60 FPS Patch Significantly Lowers Resolution

It is fairly shocking when a game is able to bump its frames-per-second by nearly double, yet that is exactly what Konami’s Super Bomberman R claimed to do in its latest update. Specifically, Konami had claimed that the 30 FPS cap for the game had been increased to 60 FPS.

That feat doesn’t come without sacrifices, but with nothing mentioned in the game’s patch notes regarding where those sacrifices would be made, tech gurus Digital Foundry did a deep-dive comparison video to show if Konami’s claims held water.

The good news: in Battle Mode, the framerates are consistently locked at 60 FPS. Yet in Story Mode, which regularly has inconsistent obstacles, assets and graphics, the framerate tends to hover more at 45 FPS. While the framerate isn’t improved nearly to the same degree as Battle Mode, a 50% increase is nothing to balk at.

The bad news: the “trade off” mentioned above is a pretty heavy impact to resolution. Originally Super Bomberman R would perform at 1080p resolution if docked and 720p resolution if played in handheld mode. Yet after this update, the game (in Battle Mode) runs at 720p docked and 540p resolution undocked.

And while I would imagine most people will easily take a visual hit when it boosts Bomberman‘s gameplay, it is a tad strange that Konami doesn’t give you the option to toggle between the two.

Super Bomberman R was in the news lately, thanks to the new DLC characters ripped straight out of some of Konami’s most iconic series: Castlevania, Gradius, and Silent Hills 2Super Bomberman R is only available on Nintendo Switch. Check out the full Digital Foundry video below: