David Hayter’s Solid Snake Sneaks into Super Bomberman R

Released slightly after its launch on several new platforms, Super Bomberman R's new update brings Metal Gear characters to the game.

on July 24, 2018 3:22 PM

Konami kept us waiting, huh? Through a recently released update, Super Bomberman R received a bunch of new content, most notably, characters from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Voicing the newly added Solid Snake Bomber and Naked Snake Bomber is none other than David Hayter, the veteran Metal Gear actor himself. A complete list of the characters added to the game are as follows:

o   Solid Snake Bomber (voiced by David Hayter)

o   Naked Snake Bomber (voiced by David Hayter)

o   Raiden Bomber

o   Bill Bomber

o   Lance Bomber

o   Vic Viper ZERO Bomber

o   Ayako Katagiri Bomber

o   Ebisumaru Bomber

o   Xavier Woods Bombe

In addition to adding characters from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the new update also adds three new stages, new accessories (including items from Contra, Origami, and Cat), and a new “Checkpoints” mechanic in the game’s Grand Prix mode.

This new update came almost one week after Super Bomberman R launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows. The game was initially released in March 2017 as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch.

This isn’t the first time Super Bomberman R added a slew of Konami characters through an update. Last year, when the title was still a Nintendo Switch exclusive, the game received a series of updates that added characters from games like Silent Hill, Zone of the Enders, and Castelvania.

This isn’t David Hayter’s first reprisal of Solid Snake either. Earlier this year it was confirmed that Hayter’s voice will be returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Additionally, Hayter voiced Solid Snake in a series of Ford commercials back in 2013.

If you’d like to learn more about Super Bomberman R you can check out the DualShockers review here. Additionally, you can check out the trailer for the new update below.

Travis Verbil is a Staff Writer at DualShockers. Outside of writing, he is a musician from Queens, NY. He enjoys the New York Mets, tabletop gaming, and Donkey Kong lore.