Custom Chiefs and 49ers Xbox Controller Designs are Just in Time for Sunday’s Game

Custom Chiefs and 49ers Xbox Controller Designs are Just in Time for Sunday’s Game

Stunning custom Xbox controller designs will have 49ers and Chiefs fans drooling.

Super Bowl LIV takes place this Sunday, February 2, in Miami, Florida. Sports fans across the U.S. are excited to watch San Francisco’s 49ers take-on the Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the non-sports audience looks forward to a night filled with drinking, snacks, and ridiculous advertisements. Twitter user @XboxPope displayed their enthusiasm for Sunday’s showdown by showing off some custom Xbox One controllers. These 2 stunning controllers can be seen below.

The two controllers’ designs are based this year’s Super Bowl competitors. A subtle yellow-gold controller featuring a red directional pad, sticks, and bumpers, as well as the 49ers logo centered on the controller. The Kansas City Chiefs got a similar treatment with a maroon-red controller and sticks paired with flashy gold bumpers. Both designs look fantastic and are perfect for fans of the teams. Among other purposes, the Kansas City controller works wonderfully in Madden NFL 20, where salty Chiefs fans will spend next week rematching a computer-controlled 49ers team after San Francisco inevitably takes home the Vince Lombardi trophy on Sunday night.


Above all else, these are some beautifully designed controllers, but only a fraction of the countless designs XboxPope has created. In order to view their other designs–including a recent touching tribute to the late Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant–make sure you check them out on Instagram. Finally, enjoy yourself and have a safe Super Bowl weekend, regardless of who you’re rooting for.