Super-Cheap PS4 Officially Licensed Racing Wheel Announced Just in Time for Driveclub

Super-Cheap PS4 Officially Licensed Racing Wheel Announced Just in Time for Driveclub

Driveclub is just a few months away, and in order to enjoy a racing game properly a racing wheel is always good to have. The problem is that most tend to cost an eye and a half and a lot of them aren’t even compatible with the PS4 yet.

Until now, if we wanted a wheel with force feedback the recently announced Thustmaster 300 RS  was pretty much the only option, and at €369.99 without even coming with a stick shifter and a clutch pedal, it’s probably beyond what many are willing to spend for it.

If you want the fun of the wheel without massacring your monthly earnings, the Japanese manufacturer Hori came up with a super-cheap alternative, announced today for the Japanese market.

The Racing Wheel 4 is basically the successor of Hori’s Racing Wheel 3 for PlayStation 3, and it comes at the very convenient price of 7,980 yen, which translates to just south of 80 bucks.

The wheel, which you can see portrayed above and below, is very similar in build and features to its predecessor, but has a switch to select PS4 and PS3 modes (it’s also compatible with Sony’s older console), and comes with force feedback rumble.

Unfortunately it doesn’t include a touch pad (it seems that wheel manufacturers tend to overlook that detail), and at its price you definitely shouldn’t expect the quality of a top-end wheel. The most obvious difference is that the steering angle is only 180 degrees, compared to the 720, 900 or even 1080 degrees featured by more pricey rigs. As usual you get what you pay for, but if you’re a casual driver it’s probably going to be enough, and a cheap alternative is definitely good to have.

There aren’t yet news about a western release, but Hori imported the PS3 version, so an announcement about the PS4 version will probably come soon.

If you’d rather play on Xbox One worry not, as Hori has also announced a version for Microsoft’s console named Racing Wheel One, even if we still don’t have pictures or further details about it.





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