Kickstarted Super Daryl Deluxe Revealed for PS4, Coming 2018

Kickstarted Super Daryl Deluxe Revealed for PS4, Coming 2018

Super Daryl Deluxe by Dan and Gary Games will be coming to PS4 next year, according to a brand new announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

In a year of diverse visually-interesting indie games, Super Daryl Deluxe still wows in its retro aesthetic that feels ripped out of Napoleon Dynamite. While the game was originally planned to be PC-exclusive, the game has officially been revealed for PlayStation 4 coming Spring 2018.

Haven’t heard of Super Daryl Deluxe? The game was originally showcased on Kickstarter on May 14, 2014 with the incredibly low goal of $7,000 — conservative on even the indie game crowd-funding scene. The game was fully backed and funded by the beginning of June and (outside of the Kickstarter updates and occasional conference appearance) the game has been off the radar.

The game lets you play as new-kid Daryl Whitelaw, attending a Water Falls High School — but something is amiss. Students are being brainwashed and evil scientists are taking over the new environment.

The game features beat ’em up side-scrolling action that looks ripped straight out of the 70’s. While the game isn’t out of active development yet, players can expect Super Daryl Deluxe to have well over two-dozen equipable abilities — with the ability to equip five at a time.

As mentioned above, Super Daryl Deluxe is coming sometime in Spring 2018. Check out the trailer below showing off a bit of gameplay, art style, and story: