Watch the Trailer for Super Dodgeball Beats, a Rhythm Game Set at a Japanese High School

Finalboss Games announces their sophomore effort Super Dodgeball Beats, a sporty rhythm game.

on June 1, 2018 6:19 PM

Dodgeball was objectively the best part of gym class. Not only did the game give you a break from mindlessly running around the gymnasium, but it also enabled you to take all of your excess adolescent energy and channel it into throwing things at your classmates. Thankfully, with Finalboss Games’ announcement of Super Dodgeball Beats, soon you’ll be able to relive that experience on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

In Super Dodgeball Beats you play as a motley group of three Japanese high school students who find themselves rising through the national dodgeball circuit. Super Dodgeball Beats plays as a rhythm game centered around precise button presses. Correct and timely inputs will give you more points while missing the beat will subtract points. The more points you have, the better the chance the ball will end up on your side of the court when the song is over, causing you to win the match. In addition to nailing the rhythms the game throws at you, players will also have to manage powerups they receive during each match and deal with the devastating effects of their opponent’s powerups.

Watch the teaser announcement of Super Dodgeball Beats below. While no further information about the game is available right now, you can follow Finalboss Games on Twitter for further updates.

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