Super Gamepad Coming to Europe and Japan’s SNES Classic with Famicom Color Scheme

Super Gamepad Coming to Europe and Japan’s SNES Classic with Famicom Color Scheme

The SNES Classic Super Controller comes to the Classic Mini Super Famicom in its classic color scheme.

The Super Gamepad is coming to Europe and Japan’s Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (their version of the SNES Classic) in 2018. It comes in the classic Super Famicom color scheme specifically for the region.

What’s the Super Gamepad? With the release of the SNES Classic in September, nostalgia ran free. But many of our hands are a lot bigger than they were when the original SNES released. The Super Gamepad is the solution for SNES Classic users who want a blast from the past in a more comfortable way.

Hardware manufacturer My Arcade calls the Super Gamepad “the best of both worlds” combining both a “nostalgic look and feel of the classic controller retro fans love while also updating it for the modern world.” It features wireless functionality and improved ergonomics to fit larger hands.

Crystal Dugan, My Arcade’s Marketing Manager specifically notes:

We’ve even added an intuitive TURBO feature that is easy to program during play, and a convenient HOME button feature that allows you to switch games and access the main menu directly from your controller.  Now you can enjoy the games you loved without the wires.

My Arcade is an accessory manufacturer that typically offers portable gaming devices and accessories designed with nostalgia in mind.

The Super Gamepad for the Classic Mini Super Famicom is set to release in Europe in early 2018. The North American SNES Classic Super Gamepad likewise released today. You can check both of the versions, pictured below: