Super Hyperactive Ninja is Coming to Switch on October 25

Super Hyperactive Ninja is Coming to Switch on October 25

The "hyper-caffeinated action-platformer" is making its way to Nintendo Switch, providing players and speedrunners with various challenges.

After a release on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One, fast-paced platformer Super Hyperactive Ninja is dashing its way to Nintendo Switch. A game essentially built for speedrunners, this action game has players controlling one of several ninjas completely fueled by caffeine.

Players will run, jump, and cling on the wall in a quest to collect coffee before falling asleep. Drinking coffee will put your ninja into what the game calls “Hyperactive Mode,” which allows the player to run faster and defeat enemies for a limited amount of time. Run out of caffeine, and the game is over.

Curiously, Super Hyperactive Ninja also includes a secret one-on-one fighting mode, simply called, uh, “Fight Mode.” Expect the mechanics to be more akin to a platform fighter than a traditional fighter. But like a lot of fighting games, this mode will have some guest characters, including Aragami from his self-titled game, Jack from publisher Jandusoft’s Caveman Warriors, and Ace from Ice Cream Surfer.

Check out the initial launch trailer for Super Hyperactive Ninja, along with a few screenshots.