Super Louis 64 Plays Demon’s Souls With DK Bongo Controller

Super Louis 64 Plays Demon’s Souls With DK Bongo Controller

Apparently, it wasn't hard enough.

The Donkey Kong bongo controller is a relic from an age when the games industry was pumping out interesting gimmick controllers left and right. Alongside the bongo controller on the Gamecube was the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller and the Phantasy Star Online Sammy keyboard controller. Some gamers have made it their mission to keep these obscure controllers alive by continuing to play games on them. Last week, modder and streamer Super Louis 64 started playing the Demon’s Souls remake using the DK bongo controller.


Super Louis 64 shows his modded controller actually working in a Twitter video where he says simply, “what have I done.” On his YouTube channel, he describes how he got the game to work with bongos. He explains that he has “only two” bongo controllers meaning that he can only work with 10 button inputs. Problematically, Demon’s Souls require 20 inputs, but as a Soulsborne veteran, Super Louis 64 says, “you don’t need to block if you don’t get hit.”

The rest of his video breaks down some of the many problems he faces during his playthrough. While he hasn’t beaten the game just yet, Super Louis 64 famously completed Dark Souls 3 using a banana controller of his own creation, so it’s only a matter of time until he does.

His YouTube channel is devoted almost entirely to playing games with interesting or modded controllers so a challenge like this doesn’t seem too insurmountable for him. In fact, this isn’t even his first DK bongo controller outing. In previous videos, Super Louis has played Fall GuysCall of Duty: Modern Warfare, and beaten Dark Souls 3‘s Nameless King using his two bongos.

Currently, Super Louis 64 is streaming his DK bongo run of Demon’s Souls on his Twitch channel right here. For more on weird controllers, make sure to take a look at this article about a streamer who’s playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War using only a Guitar Hero controller.