Super Lucky’s Tale Shows Off Tess in New Character Trailer

Super Lucky’s Tale Shows Off Tess in New Character Trailer

Super Lucky's Tale for PC and Xbox One is introduced to the charming inventing cat Tess... who's a bit of a mess in the short trailer.

If you needed your share of cartoony footage to brighten up your Monday, developer Playful has you covered. Specifically, the studio released a brand new trailer for the upcoming 3D mascot platformer Super Lucky’s Tale — specifically highlighting Tess, an inventor cat that has a penchant for being awful at inventing things.

Sure, the trailer (seen below) is incredibly short — twenty-five seconds to be exact. But with the launch of Super Lucky’s Tale coming up in nearly two weeks, there is little else left to show.


For those out of the loop, Super Lucky’s Tale is the latest game in the sporadic resurgence of 3D mascot platformers — a sequel to the Oculus VR’s Lucky’s Tale. Announced at Xbox’s 2017 E3 Press Briefing. And besides the game itself, Playful also made waves by announcing the game would feature 4K UHD, Xbox One X enhancements, and be part of the Play Anywhere lineup.

More recently, DualShockers had a chance to preview Super Lucky’s Tale on an early and the game’s Producer, Shawn Ketcherside, said that gaming audiences haven’t seen everything that the game has to offer.

Super Lucky’s Tale will release for PC and Xbox One on November 7, 2017. Check out the trailer featuring Tess below: