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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Could Be The Start of Something Bigger for Mario Fans

Maybe I'm naive and give Nintendo too much credit, but I think there is more Mario on the way to Switch after Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

September 18, 2020

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is releasing today, where it will be the first time Switch owners will be able to play Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy in two or more console generations. Despite that, fans are upset that this collection has Super Mario Galaxy 2 missing from the lineup, especially because it is a direct sequel to Galaxy. While it is an odd omission, I think it is because Nintendo has more plans for Mario in the future, with a number of signs that suggest it to be a possibility.

In good ol’ Nintendo fashion, the company is making the three-game bundle available until March 31, 2021 on the Switch eShop, with a limited amount of physical copies available. It’s gotten to the point where the collection has sold out on Amazon, and other retailers are canceling pre-orders due to the lack of physical copies that Nintendo is providing (classic Nintendo). Of course, this is upsetting many, but I think there is more at play over at Nintendo than what we think.

With the All-Stars collection being available for a limited time, I believe that Nintendo will eventually release each title separately for a higher price on the eShop, with plans to release Super Mario Galaxy 2 somewhere down the line. With Super Mario 3D World releasing in February of next year, Galaxy 2 and 3D Land will be the only 3D Mario titles that won’t be on the Nintendo Switch. I think Nintendo is planning to make both games on the platform a reality. Granted, as of right now what Nintendo is doing with releasing the collection for a limited time is scummy at its best, and all I’m doing at this point is theorizing. Nintendo is known for making odd business decisions in the past, but I feel like there is a major plan and this is the first step.

“Nintendo is known for making odd business decisions in the past, but I feel like there is a major plan and this is the first step.”

While Super Mario 64 did get a re-release and–arguable for some– definitive edition of the game on the Nintendo DS, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy will be ported to a new console for the very first time (this is not including the Virtual Console version of Galaxy on the Wii U). Even though Nintendo is releasing Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Mario’s 35th anniversary, the fact of the matter is that by the end of February, there are going to be five 3D Mario titles on one singular Nintendo platform, which is insane to think about. The most we ever had before that was two back on the Wii with both Galaxy titles.

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The Switch is a major success and Nintendo knows it, as it currently has the potential to outsell the Wii by the end of its life cycle. They’re seemingly releasing an upgraded model sometime next year, so the Switch isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I would be dumbfounded if whatever Nintendo’s next console ends up being somehow doesn’t play Switch games. I think that they’re trying to get all of the 3D Mario games on Switch so that they don’t have to worry about bringing them to future consoles anytime soon.

“I have a feeling that these won’t be the last 3D Mario games making their way to the Switch.”

I could be giving Nintendo too much credit, by having too much faith in them doing something that would be such a huge win for Mario fans and all gamers alike. But even with Nintendo’s history of odd decisions, I just can’t see them releasing these iconic titles for a limited time and then take away the option of purchasing them after six months. Call me naive if you will, but at the very least, I’m happy that so many gamers will be able to play these cherished games, some for the first time even if Nintendo only sells them for a limited time. Nintendo doesn’t get a pass and could have been more transparent about the situation, but I have a feeling that these won’t be the last 3D Mario games making their way to the Switch.

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