Super Mario 64 Streamer Beats Bowser Using Only One Self-Made Button

Super Mario 64 Streamer Beats Bowser Using Only One Self-Made Button

A twitch streamer who streams games for the Ablegamers charity has devised a unique and clever way to play Super Mario 64 just with the touch of one button that uses morse code sequences

A unique streamer who goes by the name of Rudeism on Twitch has built his very own controller system that only requires one button for pretty much everything. Dylan, as he is better known, is a game designer who also loves to find ways to challenge himself in how he plays games by crafting obscure controllers.

In his latest venture, Dylan took part in a charity stream for AbleGamers – a charity dedicated to improving accessibility in video games and enabling more people with disabilities to play – where he was able to take down Bowser with a simple tap of his self-made controller, even Dylan looked surprised that he actually accomplished this.

So, how exactly did he do this, you may ask? Well, apparently his set-up consists of two macros – one to spin and one to ground pound and everything else works via singular inputs. Basically, Dylan is gaming via morse code with an Arduino pro micro inside the box which then runs a program he designed himself. If you’re interested in what morse sequences is used, maybe for your own creation, you can check them out below:

. = Attack

– = Jump

.. = Move forward

.- = Move left

-. = Move right

— = Move backward

… = Crouch

..- = Move forward left

.-. = Move forward right

-.- = Move backward left

–. = Move backward right

.– = Ground Pound

-.. = Change camera

— = Pause

…. = Spin macro

…- = Zoom out

..– = Zoom in

.-.- = Camera left

.— = Camera right

….. = Change movement schemes. This makes Mario move forward, then hitting – which makes him change direction in a clockwise fashion. Very useful for Bowser in particular.

In the clip, Dylan uses two different movement schemes to get behind Bowser – one scheme lets him enter a morse command to tell Mario to move in any of the eight directions. To close the gap, he then switches to a different mode that makes Mario move in a straight line, but pressing the button allows him to change his direction in a clockwise manner. To get behind Bowser, Dylan quickly enters the command to get him to move left into Bowser, then a quick tap to grab his tail. Super impressive!

I beat Bowser in Super Mario 64 using only one button! from r/gaming

Dylan has stated that he is currently working on a system that will allow him to take control of a game just by using pitch control (or something similar) which would be beneficial no doubt to other streamers within the Ablegamers community, plus a great way to raise money for a very worthwhile charity, too.

You can check Dylan out on his Twitch channel and do your bit to help support the charity.