Super Mario Galaxy 2 Will Be Really Difficult

Some people found Super Mario Galaxy to be one of the most intuitive and enjoyable games of this generation. I too thought the same until I began playing the darn thing and had to switch my boxer shorts to adult diapers simply because Super Mario Galaxy is one of those games that make your hands sweat and your ass clench throughout the entire process of playing. I found the game to be fun, but annoying at the same time, constantly questioning why Mario continues to save a princess who hasn’t put out in the past twenty or so years. This aggravation kicks in when I’m trying to perform ridiculous platform jumps (which raises my blood pressure, by the way), or when going extremely fast on areas that have little or no room for maneuvering. Did I find the game difficult? At times, yes – and that’s only because it was difficult for me to breathe at some points.

If, like me, you were traumatized by Super Mario Galaxy and its insane physics-defying universe, you’re pretty much going to want to chuck your Wii out the window after reading this. Shigeru Miyamoto has announced that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be “really difficult.” Why? Because he and Nintendo enjoy laughing at people like us. Beginning today, I am going to attempt overdosing on Omega 3 and garlic pills in order to lower any possible chances of me dying from a stroke.

The other funny part of this is that the Super Guide is being questioned. “In general,” Miyamoto told Official Nintendo Magazine, “wherever and whenever appropriate, I think we will want to incorporate that kind of thing, but I cannot commit to anything specific right now.” Of course not, Miyamoto. Why would you want to make things easier for us? Oh well, I love Mario to death and won’t pass on Super Mario Galaxy 2 regardless of how “difficult” the game might be. I got through the first one without hyperventilating, so I’ll just prep myself for this one. May god have mercy on your soul, Nintendo.

Oh, and we have provided you guys with some images. Of course, they will look beautiful and hide the fact that there is shit in this game that will have you squeezing you butt cheeks together.

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