Decorate Your Gaming House This Christmas With a Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

Decorate Your Gaming House This Christmas With a Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

Make your home more Mario.

Christmas is nearing, and yes, I know it’s only November and for some, it’s a crime to even utter the festive season with only a month to go. For others though, making sure your house looks as festive as jingly possible is a must, and I think I might be able to help with that with the Nintendo Super Mario light-up wreath.

ThinkGeek has been a good source for those looking for geeky, gaming items, especially when the festive season kicks into gear. Back in 2012, we found that they were stocking SNES-Style Wii classic controller’s, and then in 2013, there were classic video game controller ornaments. Two weeks ago we saw pre-orders go live for the official Pokémon Poké Ball waffle maker.


This week I’ve learnt you’ll be able to get your hands on a Nintendo Super Mario light-up wreath. This exclusive ornament takes a very 8-Bit retro approach to decorating your front door and getting ready for Christmas. It features the classic question mark block, a star, mushrooms, and it also comes with five blinking green lights to make it look extra snazzy.

The wreath is officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. 3 merchandise and is made from EVA foam and takes two AA batteries to power. It also has a keyhole slot at the back so you can easily hang it. It won’t take up much room either as it sits at 9 1/2″ across x 10″ tall x 1 1/2″ thick.

Of course, making a wreath yourself could also work, but then you wouldn’t get to show off how much of a hardcore gamer you really are with the Nintendo Super Mario light-up wreath. Maybe you’re one of those people who has been to Pottery Barn and grabbed your PlayStation furniture to add to your gaming decor.

The Nintendo Super Mario light-up wreath is exclusive to ThinkGeek and GameStop and is available now.