Super Mario Maker 2 Level "Storm Area 51" Deleted by Nintendo for Supposedly Being Inappropriate

If Mario isn't going to save the aliens though, then who will?

It seems that Nintendo isn’t down with the latest meme of the moment.

As shared by one user over on Reddit today, their recent Super Mario Maker 2 level entitled “Storm Area 51!” has been deleted by Nintendo for what the publisher deemed “inappropriate or harmful content.” The creator of the level, whose username is zach2thefuture, was surprised by Nintendo’s decision and said they were disappointed. “I’ve never had a popular course before, and it was fun reading the comments and seeing so many people enjoy it,” they said on the post.

This level’s name coincides with the rise of an “event” on Facebook that many have talked about over the past week. Recently, this Facebook even suggested that a large enough group of people should storm Area 51, the military base located in the United States that has previously been linked to extraterrestrials, so that we can “see them aliens.” This mere notion was so funny to many though that the entire idea of “storming the base” became more of a meme or punchline that many have used to make jokes constantly the past few days.

Heck, the story even made it onto the local news:

While this whole Area 51 thing has largely been a joke to many though, the U.S. Air Force sounds much less enthused about the idea and has warned the general public about doing such a thing even if it’s meant to be in jest. Clearly, Nintendo agrees with the Air Force on this one and has gone as far to also prevent levels involving such an idea in Super Mario Maker 2, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I guess what I don’t understand the point of Nintendo deleting this user’s level is that it’s not like it would ever encourage any players to actually go storm the famed Air Force base. I’ve been playing Mario games my whole life and do you know how many turtles I’ve stomped on? None. Know how often I’ve eaten glowing red flowers? Never once. Heck, I’ve never even grown a mustache.

It’s not like playing through a dumb level called “Storm Area 51” in a Mario game would actually encourage anyone to carry out such an act, but sure, go ahead and delete it. I’m sure that’ll help, Nintendo.

Anyway, Super Mario Maker 2 is available on Switch right now. While you might not be able to play through any levels featuring Mario charging into Area 51, there are quite literally millions of others you can try out.

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