Take a Look Under the Hood of Super Mario Maker 2 in the Latest Nintendo Treehouse Stream

Take a Look Under the Hood of Super Mario Maker 2 in the Latest Nintendo Treehouse Stream

The E3 Nintendo Treehouse stream showed off all the changes coming to the creation side of Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 has been getting a ton of play on the Nintendo Treehouse E3 livestreams. Today, the team streamed over 20 minutes of footage that gave a peek at the new tools that creators will have while building their greatest creations. Check it out below.

This was a stream for people who were really into the first Super Mario Maker. It goes in-depth into the changes coming to level creation. There are quite a few cool, little quality of life changes that will make building levels even more fun.

One of my favorite new additions is the items wheels that you can bring up at any point. You simply tap on the magnifying glass icon and bring up a number of wheels. These give you quick access to all of the basic items you’d ever want. They look snappy and, if you’re planning to use something more than once, you can pin it to the main bar to make it even more readily available.

They also demonstrated the new zoom out feature. You cannot place new items in this zoomed out perspective, but you can delete and rearrange blocks. Like the item wheels, this should speed up level creation for veteran builders.

The one change I don’t love is that they’ve taken away the ability to shake enemies to change them. Now, you hold down on the enemy to open up a menu that lets you alter the enemy in a number of ways. It’s not as fun as placing a mega mushroom on a Goomba to make him grow, but it does speed up the process quite a bit.

The demo ended with a fight against Meowser, which might be my favorite thing out of E3 so far. The way that gigantic cat Bowser climbs up the stage to claw at you is the most adorable thing. Expect all my levels to include a Meowser when Super Mario Maker 2 releases on June 28 for the Nintendo Switch. Stay with DualShockers for all your E3 news.