Final Super Mario Maker 2 Treehouse Stream Shows Off Co-Op and More

Final Super Mario Maker 2 Treehouse Stream Shows Off Co-Op and More

Super Mario Maker 2 makes its final appearance on E3's Nintendo Treehouse Live stream and shows off four-person co-op and other new details.

With the last Super Mario Maker 2 Treehouse stream of E3, Nintendo delivered some fun multiplayer action and gave us new details about level building. The 24-minute demo is chock full of information. If you’re interested in watching the entire thing, you can do so below.

The demo begins with a look at some of the new stage environments you can use. The team switched over to a snow world in the Super Mario World style and showed some of the differences the environment switch gives you. For example, in snow mode, your character slides on everything and can build more momentum when coming down slopes. If you switch to night mode, the slipperiness only increases. If you change to the sky theme, your character gets a floatier jump that makes it look like you’re moving in molasses.

These theme changes seem small on paper but are game-changing in practice. For instance, you can go into night mode underwater, which makes everything dark except for a small circle around Mario. However, if someone were to shoot a fireball, it will give off its own natural light, giving you a chance to see more of the map. It looks amazing in action.

At the end of the demo, the team went ahead and played through the level they’d built. Before starting, they changed the win condition. There are quite a few options and the game smartly auto-populates a list of them based on what you’ve already placed in the level. So, if you don’t put a Meowser in your level, you can’t make beating him a requirement for finishing the level. Also, why don’t you have a Meowser in your level, you coward? It’s a really smart design choice and takes the guesswork out of providing good win conditions.

The four-player co-op that ended the demo looked like a barrel of chaotic fun. You play as either Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Toadette. The characters constantly bounce off of each other’s heads and get in their teammates’ way. It’s not the way to play competitively, but it looks like a great party game.

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 28. Stay with DualShockers this E3 for all the news coming from the show floor.