Super Mario Maker 2 Gets a June 28 Release Date

Super Mario Maker 2 Gets a June 28 Release Date

Super Mario Maker 2 finally gets a release date for June 28, 2019. Nintendo also adds to the speculation surrounding multiplayer in the game with their teaser site for the game.

Nintendo quietly announced the release date of the much-anticipated Super Mario Maker 2. The title will be coming on June 28, which is just a few weeks after E3. Presumably, Super Mario Maker 2 will be a big part of Nintendo’s E3 presence. See the tweet for yourself below.

Interestingly, if you follow the link to the teaser site in that tweet, you’ll notice a few things. First, you’ll see some nice screenshots to go along with the teaser video we saw during a past Nintendo Direct. You might also notice that under “Players” it says “TBD”. There have been a few rumors that the sequel may add multiplayer and this only adds fuel to that fire.

We may not know for sure about multiplayer yet, but we do know about quite a few other things Super Mario Maker 2 is bringing to the table. The sequel is adding much-requested features like slopes and modifiable auto-scroll direction. They also have a number of new enemies to deal with, including everyone’s least favorite Angry Sun. Add in new level themes and tons of new blocks and this becomes a super attractive package already.

With the release date now revealed, expect the Super Mario Maker 2 news train to really get (lets-a-)going. Keep your eyes on this space as more information becomes available. Until then, dust your Wii U or 3DS off, pop in the first Super Mario Maker, and go make some levels to knock the rust off of those creative bones.

Super Mario Maker 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.